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Vaccinations: Owner must provide proof of current vaccinations including rabies (12 months), Distemper (12 months), Canine Influenza (12 months) and Bordatella (12 months).
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Terms of Service: Terms of Service: You, the customer, agree to pay the rates applicable at the time services are provided and agree to pay them at the time of pick-up. You understand that your dog will be examined for fleas and ticks, and if necessary, flea and tick treatment will be administered at your expense. You understand that Woof's Play & Stay provides an all-play environment and this setting is not without some risk of injury. You understand and accept this potential for injury and agree to pay any veterinary/medical expenses incurred as a result of injury to or caused by your dog. You understand that Woof's Play & Stay's all-play environment is not suitable for every dog and if deemed improper by the staff of Woof's Play & Stay, your dog may be asked not to return. You agree that your dog is not aggressive and to your knowledge is friendly and playful with other dogs and persons. You agree to allow Woof's Play & Stay to seek veterinary care for your dog if the staff of Woof’s Play & Stay determines your dog to be ill, injured, or needs any type of medical attention. You agree that you are fully responsible for any costs associated with seeking this treatment. You agree that Woof's Play & Stay is not responsible or liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property belonging to you or your dog. You agree to be fully responsible for the full cost of any repair or replacement of property and/or equipment damaged or destroyed by your dog while at Woof's Play & Stay. You understand that Woof's Play & Stay will exercise all due diligence and care in the guardianship of your dog. You hereby waive and release Woof's Pet Resort Inc., its employees, owners, and agents from any and all liability of any nature, for injury or damage, including that which may result from the action of any dog including my own. By accepting these terms of service you fully understand the conditions of agreement and understand that you have given up substantial rights by accepting them and have accepted them freely and voluntarily without any inducement, assurance, or guarantee and intend it to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent permitted by law. By checking this box, submitting this application and using our services for your pets, you agree to our Terms of Service.
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